The One Ring rules over all other rings in the Lord of the Rings. Sauron wants to have it back to take the world under his feet once again. The One Ring gives incredible power to rule them all.


Item: The One Ring

Usable: All Classes (Function differ as Class)

Common Functions: AC +5, MR +8, Damage Reduction +2 Hit Rate +2 Hit Bonus +2 (For Elf gets Bow Hit Rate +2, Bow Hit Bonus +2)

For Knight: Str +2, HP +100 MP +30

For Elf: Dex +2 HP +80 MP +50

For Wizard: Wis +1 Int +1 HP +50 MP +80 SP +2 (No Hit Rate and Hit Bonus)

For Dark Elf: Str +1 Dex +1 HP +100 MP +30

For Royal: Str +1 Dex +1  HP +100 MP +30

For Dragon Knight: Str +1 Int +1 HP +120 MP +10

For Illusionist: Wis +1 Int +1 HP +80 MP +50

The One Ring will not be dropped.

The One Ring is not trad-able.

Server Ranking 1~3 and Royal who claims a Castle will be rewarded with The One Ring automatically.

The One Ring will be taken away if out-ranked and lost a Castle automatically.